Zorth the Baron-King

The Baron-King of Polten

Human, aristocrat, a wretched thin waif of a man with bony hands and greasy thin black hair.

When the Witch-King shattered the old Kingdom of Damara he decimated the existing power structure through murder and terror and then replaced it with his puppets. Zorth was placed onto the throne of the Barony of Polten. When Korwin and his friends defeated the Witch-King and rebuilt the kingdom they left Polten (along with the Duchy of Soravia) to it’s own devices. The Galena Snake River was seen as a natural eastern barrier and a place to stop the liberation of the entire old kingdom. For so much blood had already been spilled that the new leaders of Damara deemed the far eastern part of the old kingdom not worth the added effort of men and treasure.

Zorth was lucky in this regard. Zorth is a weak, craven man and would have fled had the new Damaran army crossed the Galena Snake. In his fortune Zorth became insane with a maniacal paranoia, developed a dangerous cunning and forged a lasting alliance with the local civilized hobgoblin tribes. These hobgoblins became known as the ‘Dracools’ and secured Polten, holding it together under Zorth’s tyrannical rule.

Feeding off of the vast riches of Damara’s trade like a leech Polten has prospered and rebuilt. A stronger and resolute Polten is today a giant thorn in the underside of the new kingdom. Like a coiled viper, Zorth and his minions plot and scheme for a chance to take the riches of eastern Damara for their own. Only the stronger armies of Damara keep them at bay.

Resides at Trailsend Castle in the city of Trailsend.


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