The Witch-King Zhengyi

Former sovereign of all Vaasa and a once conquered Damara

Just over a generation ago a menacing, evil Castle Perilous arose form the Vaasan tundra seeming right up from the ground overnight. It’s ruler, Zhengyi the Witch-King, proclaimed himself sovereign of the Vaasan wastes and with strength he gathered the goblinoids of the land together. With his goblin army enhanced by his own army of undead the Witch-King joined with demonic allies and invaded Damara.

The slaughter was epic and tragic, the old kingdom of Damara was smashed and puppet rulers replaced the murdered Damaran nobility. The populace was terrorized by random slaughters of entire families if anyone dared to lift a finger against the evil invaders. Pillage, rape and devouring of conquered folk was common place among such an evil and chaotic occupier.

It took many years but a band of adventurers led by a great cavalier named Korwin eventually destroyed the Witch-King’s power base and destroyed him inside his own evil fortress. Castle Perilous fell into ruin at the moment of the lich’s death sounding his death toll. Once the Witch-King was gone the power vacuum led to a quick fracturing of his once mighty army and alliances.

Although thought vanquished many claim to see lights illuminating from inside Castle Perilous at night. Rumors abound that the ruined castle is haunted with Zhengyi’s angry spirit where it awaits the day it can wreck vengeance upon Damara and his slayers.


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