Welcome to The Kingdom of Damara

Welcome to Damara and don’t forget your snow shoes or your sword for that matter.

Also known as the Bloodstone Lands, Damara is a Kingdom of the North, vastly rich with mineral deposits, yet sparsely populated and surrounded on all sides by aggressive humanoids and beasts.

- Recent History: -

Hundreds of years ago the Bloodfeather dynasty forged a kingdom from the frozen ground and ice, financing itself with the bloodstone gems found in the regions vast, cold mountain ranges. The Bloodfeathers ruled until 25 years ago when the Witch-King rose up from the frozen wilds of Vaasa and crushed Damara utterly with a combined army of demons, dragons, goblinoids, assassins and undead. Nearly the entire line of Bloodfeathers was decimated and the once proud Damaran race was defeated in disgrace with no hope for the future.

However, hope did arrive in the form of great leader and his band of adventure-hardy friends. The leader, a mighty caviler by the name of Korwin, along with his friends were able to strike at the heart of the enemy and destroy the Witch-King and his demonic allies. Once the head was cut off the evil army fell on one another and was driven from the Bloodstone Lands forever.

Korwin and his friends took up the mantle of leadership across the broken Kingodom. Korwin himself marrying into the Bloodfeather family and made King by the last living male heir of the former dynasty. The former adventuring group all but retired to help rebuild the kingdom with a new solid base of leadership. Through their wisdom arose a great kingdom from the ashes, a shining beacon in the heart of the cold north lands.

- Most Recent Major Happenings: -

About five years ago the Damara’s evil neighbor, Zorth the Baron-King of Polten, enlisted the help of new mischievous god and attempted to take the eastern part of the new kingdom. However, his sneak attack to destroy the rich city of Heliogabalus failed when a pair of adventurers foiled the powerful magical assault. In the aftermath the interloper god Loki, and his followers, turned from an enemy of Damara and into an unlikely ally. This however, had the consequences of turning the once neutral fire god, Kossuth, against Loki and thus making his religious fanatics a dangerous foe of Damara.

Today, Zorth and his hobgoblin army of ‘Dracools’ lay just across the border in wait as they eye the rich prize of Damara with greed and jealousy overflowing within their black hearts.

- Overview of Damara: -

Capital: Bloodstone City
Major Good Races: human, dwarves, halflings, tieflings, half-orcs
Major Evil Races: goblinoids, giants
Government: Feudal Monarchy
Major Religions: Ilmater, Helm, Tymora, Tempus
Lesser Religions: Chauntea, Silvanus, Mielikki, Loki, Waukeen, Sune Firehair, LLiira, Skoraeus Stonebones, Orcus
Imports: food, livestock, wood
Exports: gems, gold, iron, steel, silver

- Lords and Ladies of Damara: -

King Korwin – King of Damara, Duke of Duchy of Bloodstone, leader of the Order of the Golden Cup, resides at Bloodstone Castle in Bloodstone City. Spouse: Lady Christine Bloodfeather

Lord Baron Barrington – Lord Baron of Barony of Morov-Ostel, resides at Barrington Palace outside Heliogabalus. Spouse: Lady Katherine (deceased)

Lord Marshal Edward – Lord of Lordship of Brandiar, Marshal of Damaran Army, resides at Castle Modi outside Goliad. Spouse: none

Lady Silvia – Archmage of Damara, Chief Adviser to the King’s Court, resides at Bloodstone Castle. Spouse: none

Queen Christine Bloodfeather – Queen of Damara, Duchess of Duchy of Bloodstone, resides at Bloodstone Castle. Spouse: King Korwin

- More to Come -

Welcome to The Kingdom of Damara

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