Region: Soravia
Type: Neutral Tiny Village
Population: 70
Allegiance: Independent
Government: Strongman
Fortifications: Wooden palisade
Security: 9 town guards (mercenaries), 1 guard captain, 14 militia that can be called up

80 miles southwest from Thimble
15 miles north-northeast from Merkurn

Being even further away from Damaran borders than Kinnery, Merkurn is the last station of relative safety on the Soravian frontier. The little dismal village is cramped and dirty, huddled inside a wooden palisade that has been breached by raiders many times in the past generation. Poor farmers scratch for a living outside the walls and those living inside have little means to make even more than a few cooper a week.

Merkurn was once on the edge of anarchy. Years ago the villagers got tired of living under the constant threat of Nar or goblionoid raids and run the last mayor out of town. In his place mercenaries were hired and paid by being given the run of the town for a promise of security. Since then the mercenaries have prevented several raiders from entering the village, cementing their control of the village.

Noteable NPCs

Captain of the Guard (N male human fighter)

Guards (N – NE male human warrior/fighter)


Base Value 80 gp
Purchase Limit 300 gp
Spellcasting none
Minor Items -; Medium Items —; Major Items


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