Lordship of Brandiar

The Lordship of Brandiar

Ruling House: Edward
Present Lord: Edward I
Present Lady: None
Heir Apparent: Star Edwardsdottir
Family Crest: Flagon overflowing with beer suds
Population: 16,000
Races: Humans, dwarves, half-orcs, tieflings
Exports: Food, horses, livestock
Capital: Goliad (4,000)
General Alignments: NG, CG, N, CN
Fortresses: Castle Modi, Fortress Brandiar, Church of Helm
Standing Military: 1,600 (cavalry, heavy troops), 2,400 Militia (horsemen)
Cities/towns: Goliad, Brandebury, Helmsdale, Ironspur
Important Features: Ford of Goliad, Galena Mts, Goliad River, Ironspur Mines, Justin’s Mine

Brandiar was the primary battlefield for a great majority of the Witch-King’s invasion and the eventual result was the decimation of the former Duchy and her population. What people did survive the cruel armies of slaughter returned to scattered farming villages across the province. With the security of the new kingdom the population rebounded and absorbed immigrants eager to work an honest, yet hard living among the vast fertile farmlands of Brandiar.

Lord Edward, ever the warrior and not the statesman, was actually a good match for ruling Brandiar. The population is grim, steeled by tragedy and hardened by the harsh winters and the countless non-human marauders. In a sense the people of Brandiar needed a strong leader to pick them up, give them a means to defend themselves and restore their fierce pride. Such people have little use for the delicateness of politics when six months of mind-numbing snow and hungry beasts are a yearly occurrence. What they value is cold hard steel, the knowledge to be able to use it and a strong leader with the courage to fight for each and every one of them.

Today Brandiar is widely known for it’s world-class heavy horses, the kind of breed that is needed to survive the harsh cold. When trained to be armored warhorses these mounts are second to none in the entire Realms. Brandiar’s military is half consisting of heavy cavalry that rivals Bloodstone’s cavaliers and Order of the Golden Cup with sheer military might. These cavalry are the elite shock troops of the Damaran army.

Lordship of Brandiar

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