God of mischief and fire; The God of the Northmen

Chaotic Good (neutral), Intermediate Deity

Symbol: A flame of fire.
Portfolio: Rogues, barbarians, trickery, fire, Northmen, cold survival
Domains: Chaos, Fire, Trickery, Protection
Favored Weapon: axe, hammer or spear

A couple of decades ago when the new Kingdom of Damara had arisen and once again prospered it was invaded by an army led by Loki. Damara had long fascinated the beings of the plane of Asgard for it reminded them of their own lands and culture. Loki and his allies led an invasion directly at the heart of Damara, Bloodstone Castle. With the intervention of Odin, Korwin and his friends were able to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat and drive the interloper god Loki and his armies back trough their portals to Asgard. Odin promised that never again will he allow such an event to occur.

An avatar of Loki, however, remained in the Northlands and his cult grew among the barbarians of the tundras. When he gained enough followers Loki tricked many of the Faerun Gods and stole their portfolios and powers. This greatly angered many established gods, especially Kossuth whom started a holy war against the Cult of Loki.

When Loki allied with Polten in the failed surprise attack on Heliogabalus, it was Loki’s trickery that helped to destroy the plan. Through his high priestess he aided the heroes that stopped the wizards from summoning forth a great destruction spell. Afterwards, Loki vowed to lead his cult followers down a tolerant path and to help the Northmen live in peace with the new Kingdom of Damara instead of trying to defeat it with force.


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