King Korwin I

King of Damara, Duke of Duchy of Bloodstone, Leader of The Order of the Golden Cup

Human, paladin-cavalier, very handsome man in his late 40s with graying dark hair.

Korwin is a much beloved king. He has been fair, noble and just in his kingship and with the help of his friends has resurrected a once shattered kingdom of no hope into a thriving rich nation of the North. He is a man steeped with the awesome responsibility of preserving the nation he has built up in less than a generation. Between his duties, paladin leadership and family he has very precious little time to devote to other pursuits.

Spouse: Queen Christine Bloodfeather

Religion: Ilmater and Tempus

Resides: Bloodstone Castle, Bloodstone City

Notable Family: Korwin II, son and heir. Paladin in The Order of the Golden Cup


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