Region: Soravia
Type: Neutral Small Village
Population: 100
Allegiance: Independent
Government: Council of prominent merchants
Fortifications: Wooden and stone palisade
Security: 8 town guards, 1 sheriff, 22 militia that can be called up

30 miles east-northeast from Kindrace
15 miles south-southwest from Merkurn

A small independent village surrounded by a barricade of wood and stone. As a beneficiary of trade (what little there is) traveling from upper Soravia down to Steppenhall, then to Morov-Ostel, it is not as bad off as the rest of the Soravia is. This being said, Kinnery is not a well off village, it is mostly poor farmers and merchants. Only a very few have made any real prosperity and those that have done so did it by monopolizing trade.

Kinnery was a hamlet during the occupation of the Witch-King but has grown to a small village since because of it’s relative safety (and better economy) by being so close to Damara’s border.

Mostly folks live very simple lives at Kinnery but always with a weary eye for trouble from the east and north.

Kinnery’s populace sided with, and fought with, Steppenhall’s Cedric the Red during the Morov-Ostel incursion and still have strong independent feelings. Damarians are tolerated because they bring trade to a desperate region. But because of recent history Damarians are not well liked as a people, not by a long shot.

Noteable NPCs

Council of Merchants (3) (LN male human experts)

Sheriff (N male human ranger)


Base Value 150 gp
Purchase Limit 700 gp
Spellcasting 1st
Minor Items 1d3; Medium Items —; Major Items


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