Hero Points


Every new level (including 1st) each PC adds 3 hero points to their character sheet. These points DO NOT roll over to the next level so use ’em or lose ’em.

Bonus Hero Points can be gained through good roleplay, these bonus points must also be used by the next level or lost.

How to use hero Points:

It’s pretty easy. Whenever you roll a D20 you can use a Hero Point to add an additional die to the roll. You must use the Hero Point BEFORE the roll. Once used a Hero Point is gone. One exception to the above rule is for damage. You may use a Hero Point to add or subtract to any damage you roll or take. Again, you must declare the Hero Point used before rolling the damage dice.

Thus Hero Points can be used for all the following rolls: attack, damage, saves and skill checks.

How Much Do Hero Points Add to Your Roll:

Depends on your level:

1-5 = D4
6-10 = D6
11-15 = D8
16-19 = D10
20 = D12

Hero Points

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