Duchy of Carmathan

The Duchy of Carmathan

Ruling House: Tranth
Present Duke: Tranth V
Present Duchess: None
Heir Apparent(s): Queen Christine Tranth and her children
Family Crest: Crossed bloodied scythe and sword
Population: 30,000
Races: Humans, halflings
Exports: food, wood
Capital: Ravensburg (7,500)
General Alignments: LG, NG, CG, N, LN
Fortresses: Ravensrock Keep
Standing Military/Militia: 1,500 (medium and light troops), 2,250 Militia
Cities/towns: Ravensburg, Halfling Downs
Important Features: Earthwood, The King’s Road, fertile grasslands

Carmathan is the breadbasket of Damara, able to feed the entire kingdom during years of bumper crops. The peaceful, hard-working peoples of Carmathan believe, more than any other province, that they are the true Damarans.

The current duke, Duke Tranth, is the ex-baron of the Barony of Bloodstone and the father-in-law of King Korwin. The old Duke is getting on in years, way past his prime. Only the idealistic calm of governing a quiet farming province has allowed him to stay on throne for so long despite worries about his fading mental capacities.

Duchy of Carmathan

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