Damaran Culture



With the rise of Damara as an economic superpower the value of the bloodstone has risen throughout the surrounding regions. But generally Damaran merchants like to use the phrase “If it’s good anywhere else, it’s good in Damara!” Because a gold piece is a gold piece no matter where you are in the world.
Non-merchant Damarans are a different matter, to them barter is preferred to currency. Because to the villager what good is a gold piece going to do for you in the middle of winter when your family is starving and freezing? Better to have traded for blankets and livestock in their view.

Bloodstone Values:

A typical cut bloodstone is worth 50 gp.
A typical uncut bloodstone is worth 5 gp.
A bloodstone trade bar is worth 25 gp.
Merchants often like to use the bloodstone trade bar because of it’s value and light weight. The bar is small and thin with a smooth surface. The bars are typically cut in Bloodstone valley and carved with the Damaran seal which is the family crest of Korwin (pick and sword crossed over a golden cup).

Gold, Silver, Iron and Steel Ingots.

With the large amount of mineral wealth being mined from the Galenas another popular form of currency in Damara is the metal ingot. These are small and flat much like the bloodstone bar, each one weighs only half a pound. More often than not the ingot is made near the place of origin and stamped with the seal of the mine and the province.

Ingot Values:

Gold ingot = 25 gp
Silver ingot = 2.5 gp or 25 sp
Steel ingot = 5 sp
Iron ingot = 2 sp


Damaran Aquavit

A traditional potato vodka flavored with spices like caraway, fennel, lemon dill and anise. When Baron Barrington discovered this delightful drink he cranked up the potato farming and the distilleries.
Now the traditional aquavit has flecks of bloodstone added for visual excitement. That and the vodka is aged aboard ships sent out to the Sea of Fallen Stars for many months. It is believed that the sloshing around of the vodka in it’s barrels at sea is what gives it an added exceptional flavor.
The longer the drink has been at sea the more it costs due to overhead expenses and the obvious extra flavor the drink produces. The further a bottle of aquavit travels the world the higher its end cost is, often doubling or even quadrupling in price.

No Label: (no sea travel) 5 sp / bottle
Bloodstone Label: (normal amount of sea travel) 6 gp / bottle
Morov Label: (long amount of sea travel) 12 gp /bottle
Baron’s Label: (very long amount of sea travel) 25 – 30 gp / bottle

Gravlax (wild salmon)

Gravlax is a wild salmon found in the various cold rivers throughout the Bloodstone Lands. They are cured for several days in a mixture of salt, sugar, lemon dill, and aquavit. A quintessential elegant dish gravlax is traditionally sliced and served with black bread and mustard sauce.

Prices: poor meal: 7 cp common meal: 2 sp good meal: 3 sp gourmet meal: 1 gp

Lutefisk (cod)

Lutefisk is a cod found in Lake Mogador and the surrounding drainage basin. As a common staple food it is dried and then reconstituted for many days in a mixture of water and lye (or birch ash) before traditionally served with butter or cream sauce.
Lutefisk has a dusty, muddy flavor and a gelatinous texture after being reconstituted then cooked. If marinaded in aquavit before being cooked the flavor is much better.

Prices: poor meal: 2 cp common meal: 7 cp good meal: 1 sp


This Damaran staple is a crisp bread served in large amounts with every meal. The best loafs have a pleasant salty taste.

Prices: common loaf: 2 cp good loaf: 5 cp gourmet loaf: 1 sp

Wild Game

Elk is more popular than beef and thin slices of smoked reindeer are a Damaran favorite especially during celebrations and festivals. Other types of wild game are pheasant, squirrel, rabbit, frog, common deer, turkey and wild horse.

Prices: poor meal: 5 cp common meal: 2 sp good meal: 3 sp gourmet meal: 2 gp

Elk prices are x1.5.
Reindeer prices are x1.25

Freshwater Crayfish

Harvested from ponds and tributaries during late summer the crayfish is a true Damaran specialty. Not only are the crayfish of the far North fatter and larger but tastes delicious when cooked with dill and spices then traditionally served cold.

Only in season during late summer and early fall.
Prices: poor meal: 5 cp common meal: 2 sp good meal: 3 sp gourmet meal: 2 gp

Other Food Staples

Damarans eat a lot of pork, chicken and green vegetables all during the year. The animals are slaughtered and stored over the winter. The vegetables are grown in the warm months and preserved for the long winter in a root cellar.
During festive occasions winter duck and goose are prized. These treats usually costing 2 to 3 times the normal value of regular game.

Prices: poor meal: 4 cp common meal: 1.5 sp good meal: 2.5 sp gourmet meal: 1.5 gp

Winter duck and goose prices are x2.5

Damaran Culture

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