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Far to the north the barbarians of the White Worm roam near The Great Glacier and view outsiders as threats. Far to the east in Soravia and Narfell many tribes of Nars live a nomadic life roaming far and wide during yearly migrations.
Barbarians inside of Damaran borders are usually those that are considered renegades by their people. Having overcome your tribes basic instinct to shun outsiders you are actually fascinated by them and their odd culture. Or possibly you have been banished from your tribe for whatever reason and your only recourse is to interact with the strange outsider world.


Bards are welcome everywhere in the often dreary weathered lands of Damara where their entertainment brightens up even the most winter-gloomed of souls. Bards are more common in the cosmopolitan areas such as Bloodstone City or Heliogabalus and her sister ports.


Many religions are found throughout Damara especially since the tolerant new kingdom came into being. Ilmater is the traditional and still the strongest religion among the much suffered peoples of Damara.

With the new Church of Helm built in Brandiar it has attracted a large flock of Damarans praying for protection so that a repeat of the Witch-King’s invasion never happens again.

Other traditional churches of Damara include Tempus, Silvanus and Chauntea. These three gods represent the Damaran ideals the most because without a strong arm to defend themselves or a good harvest to store over the winter the outlook for survival in The Bloodstone Lands is bleak indeed.

The religion of Loki is growing but is more popular among barbarians, rogues, those working with fire or simply those wishing to feel the warmth of a hot fire in the middle of winter.

Mostly thanks to the contributions and encouragement of Baron Barrington the religions of Waukeen, Sune Firehair, Lliira and Tymora have flourished in eastern Damara. These four dieties are often refereed to as the ‘Four Goddeses of Heliogabalus’. Tymora especially seems to be catching on in the east and spreading westward.


You are Damara’s favored son. In a land surrounded by beasts, hungry animals, savage goblinoids and once invaded by a former tyrannical conqueror the people know well the value of a trained sword arm. Indeed most Damarans have had at least a basic training with weapons, it is just a fact of life to help improve the survival for all.

Fighters can find a niche just about anywhere in Damara as a militiaman, army solider, caravan guard, heroic troubleshooter or even as a mercenary.

In Heliogabalus a duelist college has been funded by Baron Barrington. It focuses on his now popular sword and dagger style but other techniques are in the curriculum if you are a fighter looking to pursue a more educated path.

Duelist College Class Option

Prerequisite: Fighter first level, intelligence 10+

You do not receive your first level fighter bonus feat.
You receive 3 + int modifier skill ranks per level (instead of 2 + int modifier).
The following skills are considered class skills for you: Knowledge (history), knowledge (engineering), knowledge (nobility) and diplomacy.
You must put at least 2 of your starting skill ranks into the skills of the above list.
This class option also gives you access to unique sword and dagger fighting feats when you pass their prerequisites.


Monks in Damara are not so rare as one might think. The Yellow Rose Monastery in southern Damara has a long history within the region. Traveling monks are given the utmost respect wherever they travel in the Bloodstone Lands, even barbarians. The Yellow Rose monks are renown for their kindness and willingness to help those in need and at no cost. A monk can expect to be given free lodging and food wherever he goes even though they never ask for it but they can not refuse such offers in fear of insulting their would be hosts.


The Order of The Golden Cup serving Ilmater is the paladin order of Damara. Headquartered at the Damaran Gate in the southeastern part of Bloodstone Valley. Led by King Korwin himself the order promotes security for the new kingdom and help for those in need, especially the suffering. The people know that whenever they see a paladin in their town they are in the presence of a hero of Damara.
Other faiths and orders of paladins are very welcome in Damara for like most orders The Golden Cup is very tolerant. In fact paladins not of The Golden Cup often work and travel with them in recognition of the common good.


The heyday of the thug is over in Damara. Once highwaymen and robbers ran roughshod through the kingdom looting at will during and just after the Witch-King’s invasion. Once the new kingdom was formed militias were reformed and military patrols sent out to stamp out the lawlessness of the land.
Today rogues in Damara do best to stay undercover as footpads, fences, racketeers, smugglers, gamblers, cutpurses or even by earning an honest living with their unique bag of skills. There is much wealth to be gained in the eastern ports, as well as Bloodstone Valley, but only if you remain anonymous. Take exceptional heed in the city of Heliogabalus where Baron Barrington famously destroyed the once powerful thieves guild some years ago and it has never been allowed to recover since.


While Damara will never be known for its learned populace it does have centers of education where wizards can ply their craft. In the rural areas of the kingdom any wizards are bound to be viewed with awe, if not outright suspicion. In the urban ports and in the capital, wizards are appreciated for their magical abilities and the contributions they bring with it.
In Heliogabalus sits the one wizard school of the region, the Heliogabalus University of the Arcane Order. The school has a less than favorable reputation, mostly due the unorthodox teachings of the off-kilter head master Grady. (And also due in no small part to the magical explosion that blew up the northeast tower of the school some years back.)
The school specializes in magic item creation but often random magical effects are associated with these items.

Heliogabalus University Class Option

Prerequisite: You must be a wizard first level.

You may choose to specialize in any arcane school except Necromancy. And you must always choose Necromancy as one of your opposition schools.

While keeping the additional spell slot per level for school spells you lose all the school powers and never gaining any as you advance in level.

You choose either craft wand or craft wondrous item as a free bonus feat (ignore the level prerequisites for the feats).

Whenever you use an item creation feat to make magical items you have a chance to add a random effect (good or bad) to it (ask DM).

Depending on the bonus feat you chose you start the game with a either a minor wonderous item or a first level wand (this was your senior project). The magic item will be flawed by some random magical effect determined by the DM.

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Character Class

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