Lord Baron James Barrington I

Baron of Morov-Ostel Barony, Mayor of Heliogabalus, Adviser to the King

Human, aristocrat, handsome man with blond hair.

Dandy, greedy, swashbuckler, womanizer, rake, rogue. These are all words used to describe the baron yet always spoken with light-hearted tones by his subjects. Make no mistake, Barrington is very much beloved no matter how much the populace enjoys poking fun at his extravagant lifestyle. He is a very fair ruler and gives a great deal of his wealth back to the people.

The perfect fit for eastern Damara’s economic powerhouse, the financially saavy Barrington built up a trade-driven province that rivals any of the south.

Spouse: Lady Katherine (deceased)

Religion: Tymora, Waukeen, Sune, Lliira

Resides: Barrington Palace and Morov Palace, Heliogabalus

Notable Family: Rowan (son and heir), Isis (daughter and cleric of Tymora)


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