Barony of Bloodstone

The Barony of Bloodstone

Ruling House: Korwin
Present Baron: Korwin I
Present Baroness: Christine Tranth
Heir Apparent: Korwin II
Family Crest: Crossed pick and sword over golden cup
Population: 24,000
Races: Humans, halflings, centaurs, dwarves
Exports: Bloodstone, gems, gold, silver, iron
Capital: Bloodstone City (16,000)
General Alignments: LG, NG, N, LN
Fortresses: Bloodstone Castle, Warren, Vaasan Gate anchored by 2 castles, Damaran Gate anchored by 2 castles (western castle houses Order of the Golden Cup)
Standing Military/Militia: 1,200 (paladins, cavaliers, heavy and medium troops), 1,800 militia
Cities/towns: Bloodstone City, Virdin, Waukenshire, Windless, Warren (under Warrenwood)
Important Features: Bloodstone mines, Lake Midai, Warrenwood

The Bloodstone Barony is tiny by comparison to the others in Damara encompassing a single 30 mile long valley pass in the Galena Mountains. Small as it may be the barony is perhaps the most strategical placed and the most abundantly mineral wealthy region in all the Northlands.

Bloodstone Valley is strategic because on one side is Vasssa and on the other, Damara. Thus, King Korwin had created huge fortress gates at each pass entrance making an invasion of Damara via Vaasa virtually impossible. The alternative route being the inhospitable Galena’s that pose an impenetrable barrier to any would be invaders.

The valley itself is a virtual mother lode of bloodstone and mineral wealth. With the security of the fortress gates the population of the valley, and Bloodstone City, have doubled many times in the past two decades to reap in the rewards of the mines and the protected valley lands. Under Korwin’s rule no one can deny the incredible growth and prosperity enjoyed by all the races and peoples in the vale.

Barony of Bloodstone

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