Wand of Marvel



A unique magical item created at the Heliogabulus Academy of the Arcane Order. This is a rather common item made by seniors and instructors alike. In essence this wand is a poor man’s Wand of Wonder.

The wand itself is rather nondescript. A wooden or metal wand about 1 to 2 feet long and stamped with the symbol of the Heliogabulus Academy of the Arcane Order.

The wand can only be used by an arcane caster (or with a use magic item skill check). It can only have a maximum charge of 30 charges and this is the usual allotment for wands sold by the academy.

When the wielder uses the wand he may choose to expend 2 charges instead of one in hopes of gaining a more favorable effect. The wielder MUST declare he is using 2 charges BEFORE rolling on the chart. If he used 2 charges he may reroll his result but MUST take the result of the second roll even if less favorable. Two charges are expended whether he used the reroll or not.

When the Wand of Marvel is used the wielder must declare a target that he can see within 100’, aim the wand at the target and then roll a d20 on the following chart to determine the effect:

1 Fizzle. Wand sparks and sputters with smoke. 2 extra charges are expended with no effects.
2 Delusional Theft. The wielder is deluded into thinking the wand functions as per a second roll on this chart. Also one random spell is stolen from the list of a random spell caster within 100’ of the wielder or target. The spell is erased from the casters spell list and the wand gains a number of charges equal to the level of the spell stolen.
3 Shrink. The wielder reduces 1 size category (Fort save DC 16 to negate) for 1 day.
4 Drizzle. A light rain and mist falls and forms for 1 round in a 100’ radius of the target. Vision is impaired by half by those within the effect.
5 Psychodelic. Wielder (50%) or target (50%) turns pink (25%), yellow (25%), red (25%) or rainbow colored (25%) for 1 day. No save.
6 Butterfingers. Wielder drops the wand (still expends 1 charge). Can pick it up with a standard action.
7 Dazzle. Wielder (40%), target (40%) or random creature (20%) within 100’ is dazed and loses next action. No save.
8 Acid Splash or Chill. Target takes 1d6 acid (50%) or cold (50%) damage.
9 Spark. Target’s clothes catch fire (if wearing combustible items) and takes 1d6 fire damage per round until put out (full action).
10 Disrobe. Target loses a random piece of clothing (shirt or pants, if any worn). If lost item was armor their AC is adjusts accordingly. Remove half their AC bonus if the lost item was only half the armor.
11 Choking Hand. A mage hand chokes the target for 1d6 nonlethal per round. The wielder may concentrate on the effect each round to continue the effect if he wishes too with no further charge expenditure. Once he stops concentrating the effect is broken. If the target becomes more than 100’ from the wand then the effect is automatically broken.
12 Fumble. Target drops a random held item. If nothing is held then loses his pants (if any).
13 Fortune. 20 bloodstone gems (worth 1gp each) stream forth from the wand and too the target. Roll 2d6 for the number of gem hits and apply them evenly among anyone in the line of the stream. Each gem does 1 hp of damage.
14 Fling. Target pushed back forcibly and flies 1d4+1 squares straight backwards from the wielder. Target takes 1 hp per square flung backwards. If target hits an obstacle he stops in that square and takes double damage because of the impact.
15 Sleep or Color Spray. Sleep (50%) or Color Spray (50%), as the spells CL 2, go off as if targeted in the target’s square. Cone effects go into the direction the wielder if facing. (Will save as wielder’s 1st level spell DC).
16 Fear. Target is effected by a Cause Fear spell (no matter his HD unless immune to fear, Will save as wielder’s 1st level spell DC).
17 Transposition. Target(50%), chosen ally(20%), chosen enemy (other than target) (20%) or wielder(10%) is transported 2d10 squares in a straight line and in a direction chosen by the wielder. No save. If transported being ends up into an impossible square (solid rock or an object) he is instead transported to the nearest safe square in a direct line from the wielder. The effected being must be within 100’ of the wielder or target.
18 Shazam! Roll again, double the effect and numbers. Add +4 to save DC (if there is a save). Ignore rolls of 18-20.
19 Double Trouble! Roll again twice and apply effects. Ignore rolls of 18-20.
20 Marvelous Effect!!! Roll again and triple the effect and numbers. Saves are only made on rolls of natural 20 (if there is a save). Ignore rolls of 1-6 and 18-20. The wand uses up an additional charge. If it has no extra charge left to use then wand explodes (and is destroyed) doing 4d6 damage to wielder, 3d6 to all within 1 square, 2d6 to all within 2 squares and 1d6 to all within 3 squares. The target takes the same amount of damage as the wielder does in a strange magical mirror-vortex thingy.


Wand of Marvel

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