Nar Peoples

Migratory native peoples of the Eastern tundra and steppes, they are bred to the saddle and legendary with bows.



Not a race unto themselves but a human peoples originating from far to the East. More recently in history they presided over the grand kingdom of Narfell. After a war including summoned demon princes and untold other horrors the kingdom is nothing but a faded dream. The Nar people today are nomadic barbarians, each whom belongs to one of the 20 different Nar clans. Each tribe migrates a certain vast range during the warm months then typically create a winter camp to survive the bitter cold. The ancient ruins of their once proud civilization are now taboo for they are rife with disgruntled undead, left over curses and magical traps.

Born in the saddle, Nar tribesmen are expert riders and able to fire a bow with accuracy during a gallop. Typically women are not warriors but when one chooses to be she is for all purposes regarded as and treated exactly as a man by her clans people. These warrior women will have to find husbands from outside their own clan, sometimes this is a man captured during a raid.

Typical Nar Warriors will have riding horses bred for war, leather/hide armor and bucklers. Their primary weapon is the composite short bow with either a cutlass, short sword, spear or light mace as a secondary weapon. They are expert riders and bowmen, and proficient with leaping from the saddle to tackle enemies on the ground. Natural animal handlers they can urge their mounts to gallop faster. In the steppes they know how to survive the cold, hunt game and to notice dangers from far away.

Hostility to Outsiders
Every tribe has its own unique views about outsiders running the gambit from outright savage to tolerant. Because of this and the fact that most tribes look the same from a distance that Nar tribes are given a wide berth by Soravians.

Nar Description
The Nar people are generally shorter than average and slimmer. They have high cheekbones and dusky skin with raven black hair and almond shaped eyes.


Nar Peoples

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