The Bloodstone Lands: Legacies

Puma Arrives in the City

Events just prior to the characters meeting.


I trust this message finds you well. I will be sending it with the servants you sent along to see me safely to the city. I know your intentions were to have them aid me while I am in the city, but I am going to trust my instincts. I won’t be able to do anything to redeem our family line if I have to struggle with the day to day affairs of coordinating servants. Bajet is with me still and will serve my needs sufficiently. I expect that over the next few days of walking about the town I will be able to get a feel for what the people consider important and I will, with luck, be able to gain the note of the new nobility. Perhaps I will even gain an audience.

I have noticed a great number of sidelong looks, but to my face at least, the majority of the city has been quite civil. I do seem to be the only noble advertizing with a family crest, but I am sure that my clothing and the ring would be enough to draw the same glances regardless. The city brings back many memories of my youth and I suspect I am going to enjoy it. Regardless, I simply wished to make you aware that I had indeed arrived safely and to reassure you that any fears for my safety are unfounded. I will write again when I am able and can see that a trustworthy man is free to take the message to you. Give mother my love.

Your Son,


uktena66 Leviathanapsu

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